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Govind Niwas is the residence of Admiral Madhvendra Singh, Former Chief of the Naval Staff of the Indian Navy, and his wife, Kumu. The Admiral hails from the Principality of Chomu which formed part of the Jaipur State prior to the formation of the Indian Republic in 1950. The Chomu family is descended from the Royal family of Jaipur. It branched out in 1528 AD when Gopalji, the fourth son of Maharaj Prithiraj, Ruler of Amber, as Jaipur was then known, was granted a separate Principality to rule. The family has, since then, had a very illustrious military tradition. In 1548 Gopalji was appointed to command the vanguard of the army and the first seat on the right-hand side of the Maharaja was granted to him in Darbar. This military tradition has continued through the centuries and the Admiral's father, Major General K. Bhagwati Singh, was the first Indian Commissioned officer (IC No:1) to graduate from the newly formed Indian Military Academy in 1934. The Admiral joined the National Defence Academy as a Cadet in June 1961 and was awarded the coveted Telescope and the Sword of Honour. He retired as the Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee and the Chief of Naval Staff on 31 Jul 2008 and has returned to his ancestral home in Jaipur and resides at Govind Niwas."

Kumu, a Princess of Tehri Garhwal State is Special Educator who focuses on teaching children with mental and physical disabilities. She played an active role in managing special education schools for the Indian Navy and has continued her work with schools in Jaipur.